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COMPUTER with Google Chrome.

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In Singapore, art exhibitions are usually held in physical locations,




at specific  t i m e s

according to the availability of





For this online exhibition we are able to bypass the logistical challenges and limitations

of running a

physical location

and thus is able to continue existing

and developing for

e    x    t    e    n    d    e     d

periods of time.

[ frame + ] explores a different way of presenting art online and how it can be experienced.

Through the familiar act of,



, [ frame + ] intends to change the way one views art on the internet.

[ frame + ] features 7 artists,

  • Denise Yap
  • Eugene TYZ
  • Goh Abigail
  • Nicolette Teo
  • See Kian Wee
  • Tristan Lim
  • Yeyoon Avis Ann

[ frame + ] is the online exhibition component of the SD Incubator programme which is created by Eugene TYZ and Nicolette Teo.

There are 3 ways to experience this exhibition,
click around below to see what you can find.

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